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Shamanic Lemurian Mermaid

Subconscious Infinite Waters Deep Diver

Here to become Human

Here is a gallery of my favorite pieces for you to enjoy! 

((They may not be used without permission))


I am beyond excited to take you on a magical journey.  A magickal experience of soul integration, light codes and elementals, becoming a piece of art, and I am your girl.  We will meet up at a body of water of choice, shoot for one to two hours, and within 30 days you will receive three to five electronic prints to print as desired.  If you want me to dropbox you all raw images to play with retouching yourself, there is also an option for that.

  • Underwater Photography Session:

    • $125 up front for session fee

    • $150 after choosing 5 digital prints to edit​​

  • Add Ons:​

    • $100 = copies of all raw photos to retouch yourself

    • $100 = 16X16 Canvas



(Traveling Fun)

Enjoy what you see but live far away?  Or maybe you simply want a BIGGER experience!  Let's create 2-3 days of mermaid embodiment.

**You can fly into Boise, Idaho and I will find a space for you to stay - or you can send me into your waters to create**

**Investment is $775 for the entire weekend experience, plus airfare if I am coming to you**

What we create is flexible; here is one example of a weekend of embodiment:

*One Underwater Photography Session

*A trip to an Idaho Vortex

*Two sessions with me: Subconscious Reprogramming, Dreamwork, Shamanic Channeling, etc.

*Or one session plus creating a group class for community: ecstatic dance, yin+reiki+nidra, connecting to the elementals, journeying, etc.


  • Prints:

    • 8x10/12: $40

    • 11x14: $50

    • 16x20: $60

    • 20X24: $70

  • Canvas:

    • 16x16: $350​

  • Can be mailed anywhere 


As a mermaid, my frequency expands and heals inside the water.  I love to play with this offering

*Aquatic Bodywork

*Aqua Yoga

*Helping Children through Yin Play

*Swimming in Mermaid Tails

*Monofin Fitness

*Open Water Play Excursions

*Taking people into the vortexes of Idaho


(my photography

all copywrited)


Underwater Art For Sale: SEE SLIDE SHOW Below!:

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