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I Am Here to become Human


I am beyond excited to take you on a magical journey.  An experience of inner child illumination, soul integration, light codes and elementals, becoming a piece of art ... I am your girl.  We will meet up at a body of water of choice, shoot for one to two hours, and within 30 days you will receive five electronic prints to share and print.  Overview:

  • Underwater Photography Session:

    • $150 up front for session fee

    • $150 after choosing 5 digital prints to edit​​

  • Add Ons:​

    • $150 = another five edits

    • $150 = copies of multiple raw photos to retouch yourself

    • $100 = 16x16 Canvas or 3x5 Tapestry



(Traveling Shoot and Metaphysics)

Enjoy what you see but live far away?  Or maybe you simply want a BIGGER experience!  Let's create 2-3 days of mermaid embodiment.

-Destination Experience & Photoshoot
*Meet at Hot Springs of Choice (lodging included in price)
*10 Clear Edit Photos, 10 Artistic Edits
*One Canvas, One Tapestry
*Aquatic Bodywork
*Mermaid Swimming (monofins or tails)
*Aqua Yoga, Buoye
-Includes lodging, Carpooling from Boise as an option 
-Investment is $2,222 all at once or in 2-3 payments



  • Prints:

    • 8x10/12: $50

    • 11x14: $60

    • 16x20: $70

    • 20X24: $80

  • Canvas:

    • 16x16: $100​

  • Tapestry:​

    • 3x5: $100​

  • Can be mailed anywhere ​



As a mermaid, my frequency expands and heals inside the water.  I have been a children's educator for  20+ years and enjoy supporting adults as well.  I love to play with creating workshops and offerings per request.

Some Ideas Include:

*Aquatic Bodywork and Energywork Education

*Aqua Yoga Classes, Retreats

*Helping Children through Yin Energy and Play

*Swimming Events in Mermaid Tails, Parties

*Monofin Fitness in Nature or at a Pool

*Open Water Play Excursions

*Taking people into the vortexes of Idaho

*Teaching Workshops to Swimming Instructors: Supporting Children through Fear or Teaching Children through Games and Play are my favs

Contact me at for inquiry and brainstorming


Underwater Art For Sale: SEE SLIDE SHOW Below!:

This is the Art for Sale:

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