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Shakti Rising


Shamanic Channeling

Massage + Bodywork



Soul Guidance Support


My Schedule

My office is located on Vista Avenue in Boise inside of The Naked Energy Studio

You can sign up for a service by contacting me via text at (208) 850-9284 or emailing me at  I am available weekdays T-W-Th and weekends.

I began seeing my dreams as a young child, awakening within a dream space most every night. When hearing them opened up for me, my world felt chaotic and explosive. Learning to play with energy helped me recalibrate my nervous system and funnel energy for healing. As an open channel, I am kind of like a lightning rod receiver of Shakti and information. I enjoy using my skills to help the body find homeostasis, activate and access resources from the parasympathetic nervous system and the vagus nerve, as well as the pink rose energy of the sacral chakra.  I am passionate about the subconscious and the subtle bodies, and supporting humans to wake within their dreams and dream while we're awake.

Shamanic Channeling and Subconscious Reprogramming

I am a Shamanic Channel.
As a young person, I began to hear and see my dreams.
This followed by dying in my sleep every night, and sometimes living an entire life every night.
Next I was blasted open to the collective subconscious, and asked to support the purge of planetary shadow - helping people let go of patterns, programs, trauma, integrating all of WHO WE ARE so we are our higher selves and there is no difference. Then we can CREATE!

Light Language is just a normal part of life to me.

Soul Codes fly through me during Trance and Meditative States.

During these sessions, we start by chatting about what is coming up for you, and move forward following the options that most feel right: reading cards, serving rapeh, channeling questions and answers, reiki for integrative health, dreamwork, drumming, yoga nidra, journeying, entering old dreams and multidimensional places, dream treatments, working with old memories, the dna, ancestral patterns, light language, etc. We might even find ourselves flying around in a fully black and fiery etheric space.

Entering the subconscious state, we teach our deepest aspect of Self what we want it to know as truth, and place this knowing within our cellular level, allowing giant waves of change to wash over our life.

The purpose of these sessions is to deepen your brainwaves and relaxation state, enter your subconscious reality, and look around.  We are looking to enter the subconscious energy that assists creating your reality in the physical. 
We enter first to witness, observe, see what is happening and if anything wants to reveal itself.  We become curious about what we notice, file what we see happening, and consciously do work within these subtle bodies as it calls us to do so.  

We let the subconscious know things that are true: you are seen, you are heard, you are loved, you are honored, worthy, etc.  And when the spiritual discussion, practices, and work feels complete we hit the table or the floor mat to make permanent changes within the cellular memory; to let the mind and body know what we want it to experience as truth.

Together we light up what is hidden within the subconscious and what is causing us to re-create with old patterns and old energies.  Bring it all to surface and you become the Creator.  Take back control of your creations, joy, happiness, life, or come in to strengthen what you already have discovered.

These sessions are about 2 hours in length and the investment is $222


You may want to come to me to speak about or work through a specific Dream experience or pattern, such as sleep paralysis, waking up in the ethers, having massive dream gifts and never having told anyone, ancestors and guides inside their dreams, nightmares, terrifying nightmares, repeated dreams, accidentally astral traveling, hearing or seeing their dreams, etc

*1) First we talk about what is going on - of which wisdom, ideas for supporting your expansion, specific tools and practices that can help you, come through for you.
*2) Then we practice dream skills necessary for you, such as dream re-entry, dream treatments, subconscious reprogramming, subconscious energy treatments, yoga nidra, drumming, shadow work, etc. - the specific tools for you.
*3) And then we have a quantum field treatment, called this because we are accessing the quantum field for support, stillness, movement.  Sometimes this includes reiki, energy and color rays, sacred geometry, channeling, holograms, magical devices, language or movement, and always the support of the cosmos.


And because I am a Gemini rising, you will always leave session with a hundred ideas, options, and spaces to go from here ... all as just ideas.

Dancing with the Body

This is a session with the God-Dess.

I am an open channel and open awareness. 

I enjoy allowing energies to flow through me for healing, high integrity, heart expanding, ascension, emanation of the SOUL so you can be more of YOU.

I am the Upheaval; and during these sessions what is ready to be released, by working together, goes.

This is Bodywork for the floormat, my version of what is known by others as stretch sessions mixed with thai massage and energywork. After an intake we will meet eye to eye.  We will talk about what is occurring in your reality, physiologically as well as all aspects of wellness. Next you may lie down, breathe, soften, and relax deeply into your body. I will hold space for YOU as we move through the body with inspired action - this may be pushing and pulling on the nadis or meridians, stopping on a tsubo point, trigger point release, massaging your body in spaces of tightness, breathwork to move energy through, a healing emanation, cosmic ray, healing sphere. I will "dance" with you and around you, supporting your body to stretch, release pain and tension, send healing energy to all aspects of your consciousness and all densities of your elemental, and more.

Investment is $111 for 60 minutes or $150 for 90 minutes; tipping is not required as gratuity is included in the price.

Book an appointment by emailing me at, texting (208) 850-9284, or through this website.

​If you have any questions about this work, you can email me at


During these sessions, I combine massage (soft tissue movement) with energy movement and following the guidance offered within my field of awareness. This begins with setting up strong gridwork and support system for the session, followed by connecting to the heart and opening lines of energy through intention, followed by touching the head or feet to receive information.  This is a work of channeling energy for health and healing. These are table sessions, and I will move intuitively throughout each session.

Often what comes up during this work is receiving support from our atman and our soul teams, the universal consciousness of reiki, elemental healing, quantum fieldwork, akashic fieldwork, the cosmic rays, trance meditation and light codes-soul codes, stepping through the stellar gateway, shamanic channeling, singing bowls or drumming, animal totems, sacred symbols and geometry, vagus and parasympathetic nerve recalibration, cosmic gridwork, crystal healing, and a variety of beings entering the space to offer ideas and support. This work is massage plus channeling - and will support your entire reality, mind, body, and soul.  The body receives energy treatments back to back combined with soft tissue touch, pressure, massage that can be as deep or soft as you would like.

Ideal clients are those on a path of awakening and are often also healing facilitators.

Maybe you have gone through massive awakenings and could use integrative support and nervous system recalibration.

Maybe you are in the middle of some really tricky experiences or energy.

Maybe you are breaking out of old patterns of behavior.

Maybe you are a healing facilitator who would benefit from releasing all energy that is not yours and recharging your inner resources.


Some energy treatment examples:

Creating a portal of the ever-unfolding rose under the table to emanate compassion energy throughout the session.

Filling the room with the silver and gold rays of peace and harmony.

Sending a wave of bliss reiki throughout the central channel of your body.

Placing a lotus of your soul frequency at the base of your feet and opening up lines to run your own energy perpetually.

Sending the cosmic green ray down your spine, soul star to earth star, and pulling the energy back up to become a toroidal field of this healing energy.


Investment is $111 for 60 minutes or $150 for 90 minutes; tipping is not required as gratuity is included in the price.

Book an appointment by emailing me at, texting (208) 850-9284, or through this website.

If you have any questions about this work, you can email me at

All Techniques

Just A List of Regular Modalities that may come to the surface as an option while we're working together.

Angel + Elemental Healing

Chakra Clearing
and Balancing

Hot Stone Treatment

Quantum Field Energywork

Shiatsu + Thai Massage
"Dancing with the Body"


Crystal Healing

Light Code Transmission
+ Meditative Touch


Soulrest + Tantric Energywork

Assisted Stretching

Deep Tissue Techniques, Myofascial Release, Trigger Point Therapy

Manual Lymphatic Drainage

Reiki Infused Massage
or Energywork

Swedish Massage Flow

Don’t forget … if you need to end the massage for any reason, just let the practitioner know that “I need to be done” and we are not offended; we got you. 

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