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This Goddess of the Upheaval ... Welcomes you to ... Freedom

I am the Upheaval.  I am a Messenger of Freedom.

HD: 6/3 generator, sacral authority, single definition

Choosing to work with me will surge you into a greater potential, magnetism, things will start happening for you, opportunities will arrive at your doorstep, breakthroughs happen … because a generator who is helping you upheaval what is not needed any longer is pretty priceless; we are literally the batteries that keep the earth game going.

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  • Ahimsa, Non-harm, practices, offerings, discussion for the Self and Co...
    Starts Sep 29

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  • Destination Photoshoot and Mermaid Experience at a Hot Springs in the ...
    Started May 13
    $2,222 (inc lodging)

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  • Playing with the multiverse, energy, movement, channeling in a 3 month...
    $3,333 (for package)
  • Transformational Journey into Embodiment (4 months)
    Started May 10
    $5,000 (for package)

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  • Umbrella term for my energy work; may the Shakti Rise within us all!
    1 hr 30 min
  • An open channel to new and ancient bodywork practices
    1 hr
  • Supporting Total Health and Wellness for our smallest creators.
    45 min
    $1 per minute
  • Extras you only find at a spa!
    1 hr 30 min
  • Creating an energywork class, for any level, upon request
    Depends: $150-525
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