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Shakti Rising ~ Shamanic Healing

Journey with me into the integration of the SOUL

  • 2 hours
  • $175
  • The Naked Energy Studio|Home Studio

Service Description

I have a client who asks for a session with Charlotte 100.0 - in all of her magick - and that is this offering. I am a Shamanic Channel. As a young person, I began to hear and see my dreams. This followed by dying in my sleep every night, and sometimes living an entire life every night. Next I was blasted open to the collective subconscious, unconscious, and asked to support the purge of planetary shadow - helping people let go of patterns, programs, trauma, dissolving it all to come to a space of soul healing, integration, and remembrance. Let's Have Fun! Play! Do the Work! We are Creators. During these sessions, we start eye to eye, tuning into the moment and to see what is coming through for you. Some of Charlotte's Tools are ... reading cards, serving rapeh, channeling questions and answers, reiki for integrative health, dreamwork, drumming, yoga nidra, going down into the subconscious to see what is happening there, journeying, trauma release/dissolving, dream treatments, working with old memories, the dna, ancestral patterns, light language, shamanic toning, eye gazing, gridwork and working with crystals, quantum healing, shakti rising energywork, dancing/sensual movement, chakra balancing, breathwork, channeled tools+ techniques+ wisdom, yin and restorative yoga, meditation, bodywork/massage/stretching, etc. etc. etc. We might even find ourselves flying around in a fully black and fiery etheric space. Investment is $175; email with any questions.

Contact Details

  • 1524 South Vista Avenue, Boise, ID, USA

    (208) 850-9284

  • 2607 West Jefferson Street, Boise, ID, USA

    (208) 850-9284

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