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Shakti Rising (Energywork)

Umbrella term for my energy work; may the Shakti Rise within us all!

  • 1 hour 30 minutes
  • $95-120
  • Rapunzel Studio Office|Bodo Chiropractic Office

Service Description

I love to play with energy. I began seeing my dreams as a young child, and when hearing them opened up for me, my world felt chaotic and explosive. Learning to play with the energy helped me recalibrate my nervous system and funnel energy for healing. I am kind of like a lighting rod receiver of higher density meets the full power of the astral and the void. I enjoy experimenting and playing with the unseen, the subtle, the layers of consciousness, the astral playing field, quantum playing field, the koshas and the nadis, and more. Energywork as an umbrella term means we are working with all that we can't see with our physical eyes. During these sessions, I combine massage (physical soft tissue movement) with the energy movement and guidance that offers itself to us. This begins with connecting to the heart and opening lines of energy through intention, followed by touching the head or feet to receive guidance and information. I will move from one area to the next as divinely inspired. Here is a list of frameworks that all come together to form what I call, SHAKTI RISING *The Universal Consciousness of Reiki *Quantum Fieldwork *Trance Meditation/Meditative Touch *Light Codes, Soul Codes, Light Language *Sofia's Temple *Through the Stellar Gateway *Shamanic Channeling *SoulRest Technique *Elemental and Singer Healing *Chakra Clearing + Gridwork + Crystal Healing *And more Energywork holds space for healing and supporting our entire reality. It can support someone who needs a boost of confidence and positivity. It can support us moving into deeper and calmer states, integration, recalibration, waves of compassion. While experiencing openings in our world, perceptions, antennae, the nervous system may need support. Sometimes pain, sometimes to slow down, sometimes to open up. Sometimes something else! If you have any questions about this work, you can email me at Investment is $95 for 60 minutes or $120 for 90 minutes Each session can be booked through Me, Wix, or my Offices: Me: (208) 850-9284 Bodo Chiropractic: (208) 342-7136 Rapunzel Salon and Spa: (208) 336-5008

Contact Details

  • Rapunzel Salon & Spa, South Vista Avenue, Boise, ID, USA

    (208) 850-9284

  • 405 S 8th St, Boise, ID 83702, USA

    (208) 850-9284

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