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Dreamwork Dive

Waking up within our dreams and dreaming while we're awake

  • 1 hour 30 minutes
  • $150
  • Rapunzel Studio Office|Home Studio

Service Description

Many people come to speak about or work with/through a specific Dream experience or pattern, such as sleep paralysis, waking up in the ethers, having massive dream gifts and never having told anyone, ancestors and guides inside their dreams, nightmares, terrifying nightmares, repeated dreams, accidentally astral traveling, hearing or seeing their dreams, etc *1) First we talk about what is going on - of which wisdom, ideas for supporting your expansion, specific tools and practices that can help you, come through for you. *2) Then we practice dream skills necessary for you, such as dream re-entry, dream treatments, subconscious reprogramming, subconscious energy treatments, yoga nidra, drumming, shadow work, etc. - the specific tools for you. *3) And then we have a quantum field treatment, called this because we are accessing the quantum field for support, stillness, movement. Sometimes this includes reiki, energy and color rays, sacred geometry, channeling, holograms, magical devices, language or movement, and always the support of the cosmos. And because I am a Gemini rising, you will always leave session with a hundred ideas, options, and spaces to go from here ... just ideas. Investment is $150 per session

Contact Details

  • Rapunzel Salon & Spa, South Vista Avenue, Boise, ID, USA

    (208) 850-9284

  • 2607 West Jefferson Street, Boise, ID, USA

    (208) 850-9284

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