Deep Diving with Charlotte (Package)

Charlotte's Shamanic Practices for the Mind-Body-Spirit Connection and for Optimal Health & Healing

  • 2 hours
  • $1444
  • Boise, Idaho, USA, Planet Earth

Service Description

These sessions include all of my staple practices; the tools I hold dearly. I still offer these individually, and this tab is for a package of personal transformation. If you think of a literal Mermaid's purpose ... we are Soul Guides; here I can help you deeply progress/grow. Prior to your appointment we will discuss your needs. At time of appointment, we will reassess these needs and make sure we are participating in the best practices for you. Spirit will lead ... our Cosmic Energy will hold the space ... We will dive in together. Topics may include: *Subconscious Reprogramming *Shadowork / Shadow Dancing *Dreamwork *Readings and Channeling *All multidimensional Energy + Body Work + Massage *Soul Aspect Integration *Trauma Release *Wild Mind and Intuitive Development *Drumming and Mantra *Tantric Soul Rest *Nature Therapy *Underwater Photography *Meditative Touch *Quantum Field Energywork *Shamanic Soul Work *Aquatic Bodywork *So much more - ___________________________ Each Transformational Package includes a 3 to 6 months long of intensive activation, ascension support and integration: (1x) Initial Coffee Shop Date where we create your schedule/plan together (3xs) Ascension Coaching aka Checking in (in person or zoom) (4xs) Tele Sessions for the mind (work for the subconscious, shadow work, dreamwork, etc) (4xs) In person Sessions (One on One) for any of the above (1x) Create a Targeted Group Offering together and put it together (1x) Underwater Photo Shoot (or other Nature environment that speaks to you) Options: ~All of the above (with flexibility - it is just an idea/structure) is a $1444 investment; monthly payments are accepted ~If you also want to learn Channeling (energy) and Reiki ... that is an option to add to this journey! Includes: Reiki, Trance Meditation, Shamanic Channeling, Quantum Field Energywork, SoulRest Technique, and working with Multidimensional Beings - *Level 1: $111 *Level 2: $222 *Level 3: $333 *Level 4: $444

Contact Details

(208) 850-9284