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Divine Love Eradicates the Past

Thoughts from a Charlotte Today!

This photo was taken while I was leading and playing with children.

((Dragonfly found in the garden at a school I work with))

One student came in to tell me, “There’s a yellow jacket on the ground!” And so I said, “Okay, where?” After which she pointed, and I placed my finger in front of it, and it crawled upon me. “Where should we move it to?” I asked? “Over there!” And she pointed to some yarrow and a tree. And so we moved it over there, followed by now several children who said they just wanted to stand and watch it. This was followed by an anatomical discussion of the difference between yellow jackets and bees; no judgments, just explaining and honoring, after which a bee showed up in the clover and I pointed it out. After which this dragonfly appeared, and I giggled, because one of my most favorite magical children (she is now a teenager) taught me that dragonflys are actually incarnated elementals here to check in on us for but a moment. I enjoy seeing life through a lens of equanimity and stillness; it makes my heart ecstatic and every moment an adventure.

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