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Finding our Yes's and No's to Create Parameters for our Reality

Updated: Nov 5, 2022

My being has had a little shift about thinking about our yes’s and our no’s, our higher density and our lower density, our ease and our parameter creating.

One of my mentors mentioned in conversation recently there is a specific framework within the Akashic Records regarding finding our yes’s and our no’s in order to create our boundaries and parameters for our reality. And this is the SOUL she was speaking of, meaning the Big Self, All Lives and Timelines, at least of the Earth Game specifically.

The idea we spoke of was that some of us find our Yes’s first and some of us find our No’s first, some learning through very positive experiences what they do want and some learning through very negative experiences what they do not … in order to create what they do.

And the information that has been popping through my awareness is that we’re kind of at a halfway point in this earth game trajectory, which is why we are feeling the shift. And part of the shift is us doing the other half of this work. If we have been finding our no’s, maybe our unconsciousness becomes aware of it and begins to shift to seeking our yes’s at this time. If we have become solid on our yes’s, maybe we decide to dip our toes deeper and deeper until we find each no at this time. And some of us are somewhere in the middle, in the gray, and we get to be the bridges for our friends.

And this is just one framework about a way we have been created to operate within the collective. One isn’t good or bad, all are lovely, and all need to support each other moving forward. We all need our roots to dive deep into the depths and extend out far into the high density. We all need to become the entire tree of life within our reality, understanding the parameters we choose to create for ourselves so we can feel really good about our creations (we are creators:).

For example, if you are a soul that has truly discovered through no’s, and through negative feedback what they no longer want to experience … awesome! You have found your edges! Slowly step back or out to observe them and unwind all choices you don’t want to move forward with continuing to create. You know the depth right for your roots! You know the depth of the otherworldly, underworldly parts of you. This Self Discovery has probably come at a cost of traumatic situations, from multiple roles - both the victim and the perpetrator - until made conscious. It may have come with some super badass and harsh teachers along the way, and it may feel like you have been put through the ringer. This has been such great learning for you.

And if you are a soul that has truly discovered through yes’s, and through positive feedback what they enJOY and want to continue experiencing, expanding, gratitude … awesome! You have found your branches, your leaves, connecting you from this world and out into the ethers. Continue playing in the fields of joy and gratitude; Continue inspiring those around you. You might be someone who understands manifestation, who travels and speaks encouragement to others, who sparkles and works from the realms of imagination and play. It may seem scary to you to come all the way down into your body and root ground deepen your being, ignite your unconsciousness. It may seem scary to slowwww down as you are light and moving at the speed of light.

And many of us are somewhere in the middle.

And we need to help each other. When we are in our yes moments it is our responsibility to reach out a hand to the no moments. Not in rescuing or doing the work for someone else or in believing another can’t save and support themselves ….. but because of Compassion. And Love. And knowing that other person is you and you are them and there is only a difference because we came here to experience that difference. We get to help the no’s get excited to find their yes’s, to pull in their power they have discovered, to use the boundaries they just created, to create space for us to nestle in safely. We get to help the no’s rejuvenate and pull in their confidence and tenacity. They are so badass after all. We get to help ignite the part of ascension that leads us to the fields of gratitude and joy.

And when we have complete memory of the no moments, because we have learned satisfyingly through negative feedback, we get to support the yes’s to be here fully. To dive in deeper. Maybe we support the collective through shadow work, integrative medicine, grounding and earthing. We get to help the yes’s as they choose to be here now, to slow down, to stay in their bodies, as there is a deep power to understanding the roots - the panther - the black lake - and they need support with this new embodiment in ways only those who have become fearless due to their no’s can do. To integrate dark and light to be an unstoppable badass Creator of Love, parameters of yes and no and the entire tree of life now running energy through your entire BEing.

And many of us kind of bounce around, somewhere in the middle, learning some yes’s … then some no’s … then bouncing back again … and we get to be the bridges in those moments. To remind each other of where we’ve been and get excited about the possibilities of where we can go. We get to say oh yeah, I remember this feeling … and go back for more. We get to help each other loose a little bit of our resistance and lean into surrender. We get to help each other integrate all extremes so that no matter which moment we are in … there can always be joy and play and magick. We get to step out to observer role sometimes and step in to doing the deep work sometimes. And maybe ultimately we all are this … the bridge … the in between … but we hyper focus on a yes or a no moment so much it feels like we are one or the other.

We really need to help each other. And to always know We All Make It; we already HAVE, for we are one consciousness and we are always growing.

I love you. I’m so excited for us. Love, Charlotte Ashaya Marie Yes you can share - just credit me as the author if you copy and paste :))) Photo is a tree tunnel photo manipulation from a forest in McCall, Idaho

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