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Thoughts about Karma and the Laws of Reciprocity

As I was thinking today about the laws of reciprocity and manifestation … I began thinking there must be higher density and lower density applications of these laws. Kind of like Karma, for example.

Photo: Angel card by one of my favorites, Diana Cooper - Angels & Ascension - 2012 - Atlantis - Unicorns

When we are in a lower density space, a heavier space, maybe we are working through deep traumas or maybe we are entering purgatory type realms on soul purpose for learning … we need to use and to be within the laws of Karma to help us learn. It gives our soul direct feedback about how our choices affect those around us all the way down to the otherworlds and all the way out to the ethers, showing us we are everyone and everyone is us, helping us to decide if we want to continue forward with an energy or try something new. This helps us learn not to judge (as in condemn/see ourselves above) any other role, as we use Karma to teach us we are all roles and all players until we begin moving into less density and higher forms of conscious creating, until which point we find ourselves drawn into the dramatic and karmic cycles of the 3-D for more learning. It isn’t a bad thing, it just isn’t always so pleasurable and fun. When we begin to see the cycles and patterns, we are beginning to exist at a place of density where this is no longer needed for learning. We begin learning to end the patterns for all involved (not a push and pull or resistance toward any player). We begin learning to forgive all involved and see the innocence in each soul and individual player. We begin learning in new ways and not needing to use Karma to see all roles any longer because we already can see that we are all, that all are accepted, and that we have all already made it. We begin stepping into an observer mode of learning, a more neutral way of living where we want heaven for all parties, all humans, no matter their choices. We no longer create boxes of acceptance. Instead, we see beyond the roles to accept ALL. We don’t see deeper darker scarier choices the same any longer, and we are able to assist and support all roles in new ways. I am using this as an example because Karma is like the lower density law for us - it is only applicable when we are existing within a 3-D or lower 4th state - when we have the energies of dualism, judgment, maybe others - maybe resentment, comparison and competition, fighting, rage, maybe scarcity or victimhood, etc. etc. etc. that we are still working through. Nothing is wrong with these states of being and I am not encouraging anyone to bypass experiencing and accepting their emotions where they are at. I was in a family that had a pattern of molestation and I definitely needed to work through all of these emotions and experiences to eventually forgive all of us, all roles, and see us equally as equal players. And I am not suggesting that whenever we experience an emotion we are within the laws of Karma either. No, no judgment for where we find ourselves at in any one moment because all is lovely and beautiful and needed for soul growth and learning. I am simply explaining the differences in our growth and ascension spirals as I have seen and experienced to this date (it will be different tomorrow, 5 years from now, as my lineage is living and active). When we begin to exist within the upper 4th and toward the 5th, Karma is no longer needed for learning and we begin creating in New ways, New laws applied.

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