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Psychonautic Journey of Death and Rebirth

Trigger warning! Psychonautic journey not for the faint of heart!!!!!!! (The theme is death and rebirth; it ends in death; kinda creepy too:)

My dreams lately have had a similar ring - the fact that I have been dead for a long while now. And turning me back on requires looking at this death in the face, and choosing to trust that I am ready to be all online. Themes typically include:

*Bones, really large bones, often "dinosaur" bones are what comes to mind

*Old energies found deep in the closets of my astral, deep in the recesses of my experience, existence, mind. I am often opening doors or closing doors, turning on lights and igniting or witnessing

*Deep into the depths of my earth star - ancient cultures and animals and bones and bodies are found here ... "You are completely offline" guides told me in one of my dreams recently. "And your Reiki is DEAD!" That was shocking.

So, here it goes ... the newest story -

Last night my partner prepared some psilocybin for both himself and his father, and asked if I wanted a sip. Literally … I only had one sip! And then I felt sleepy, so I went to my bedroom. And my intention was to heal my crown - I feel like it is all in my crown - old or ancient energy kind of stuck in there, in between me and my connection to the Greater Spirits. I want to be optimizing all my 12 chakra system ... expnding from seven ... So I asked for help; and I also had a chiropratic adjustment earlier that day to support me in making this transistion. And what would you know, but there was a HUGE adjustment done in my neck, the space where I often feel my energy get stuck.

Fast forward to Dream Share!!!! I fell asleep after my sip of psilocybin. To be honest I had two sips, another a couple hours earlier as well -

I woke up inside a ship. Huge, wooden, was walking around in “the belly.” There was some sort of show happening and I was a part of this entertainment. I looked up as the parties involved began to change the show, which altered my place and space holding. A giant blow up whale came out of the center and fish jumped everywhere- and the space I was standing turned into a blow up floaty material too. Jake was standing next to me, and I made a comment about not liking that I wouldn’t know what was below or behind me until I ran into it, and that I might be the first one to feel the boat punctured. Instead, I ran into the ground! We’ve made it to shore! I said. Most everyone freaked out and tried to swim back to the deep as fast as they could . I hid under the ship as I saw cars driving by, felt like I was looking at lights from the Pacific Coast Highway.

The dream kind of had a vortex in this moment (after the swimming, and there were some docks we jumped through) to a space that was one density level above - where the view from here, I could see it was all a game - kind of like an amusement park game - and many people were moving on to the next simulation. Well I could see that the next simulation involved black caskets floating down a river. “No thanks!” I said. “I think Papa Guede will be in that simulation; I’m good!” But Jake really wanted to go … so I said okay. We walked over and saw people getting into one of the caskets next to their lover and then holding hands down the river. I jumped in and Jake disappeared and it became a funny cosmic joke; everyone around me laughing.

Sooo I decided I didn’t want to play; I only entered this one because he had asked me to. So I get out and start walking inside the structure - kind of like a gray and black building/metal amusement park structure. People were looking for me. I became invisible. This is where the dream took a turn for the super freaky.

No one could see me except a giant spider. This is when I realized I was inside a room that the spider used to web up his prey and eat - which is why it had looked like a kitchen. I tried to sneak out, but the webs everywhere … I grabbed some utensils I saw on the table so I could try to stab it if it lunged at me. and then another spider; there was a family of these giant black and red spiders.

((FYI: To my subconscious, a spider means a creator))

I lied down on the ground to slide under and out. I said, “God … if you help me get through this … I will really appreciate it.” This is when I realized I was dead.

I woke up in my Charlotte body in my bed, feeling like I had just crawled out of the casket they put me back in. Maggots and insects of all varieties were crawling out of my skin as it was rotting on my bed. Soooooo I did what any other sane person would do … and in the physical I got out of bed and took a salt bath for about two hours to clean and clear myself …..

Apparently I have been offline for a while now ……

I have been re-entering this dream now a few times - the first with my astral sword which apparently I was missing in this experience! I made it to be a machete to pierce through everything. I also gave myself energy work to light up the cobwebs, rose quartz for my heart to expand into the network, violet flame and lotus reiki to burn through and release karmic debris, and the pulling in and creating a safe space inside of myself to be during this experience, no matter the outcome. The next time I re-entered, my Cosmic Family, the Creators greater and older than me, the Higher Intelligence told me to allow them to touch the dream from all other angles. Part of what I have been transmuting is all lifetimes and timelines where I felt I had to do my work alone. But basically, it doesn't matter how powerful any other Creator is, or family of Creators, because they have my back - I now see golden light hitting the spiders from above as I walk out unscathed.

No one ever said being a psychonaut would be easy! And no one ever said the road to ascension (first step - turning my 12 chakras on and healthy) would be easy either! Bringing my power back on line one step at a time <3 <3 <3

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