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The Current Apocalypse

The apocalypse has been pretty fabulous and amazing. Maybe thinking of it as the great awakening feels more positive to you ... apocalypse helps me laugh when I think back to all the crazy experiences I have pulled in since March .... and my main takeaway is this:

Yes ...... there are many rabbit holes within our consciousness to look at right now if you want to, and do that if you need! I will be here to listen and to allow ourselves together to flow back to the container of the Heart. I know I have fallen a few times, only to discover I am still loved, I am still whole, I am still the Ultimate Creator of My Reality, I am still responsible for everything around me ... as my Angels pick me up and dust me off and I get back on my track. Which is funny that I was using the labyrinth to help me with this and then pulled a labyrinth card from a deck this weekend .... about staying the path, staying on the path of the HeartSpace container no matter where you find yourself exploring, it is always there.

We were created to learn and grow and move forward on a positive steps toward the stars. Everything in the Multiverse is always working for us; the agenda and intentions of anyone can never work against us if we are simply always ourselves no matter the outside stuff - I have been asking Sandolphin to teach me to hold space for the rabbit hole existences without falling in .... to listen to my friends when they need to speak of them, yet to stay on my path and always be my wild child free Charlotte no matter what - then the intentions of anyone don’t even matter ... just the reality I choose :):):)

Cutie rabbit hole photo taken by me!

I believe in US I KNOW we are Creating something Good together .... because this is what we were made to do. I love you.

Ps: This is for a different thread but also so good! I saw one of my friends post let the triggers be your guide and I loved it. When you do find yourself falling ........ what is it that brought you here? Look and discover and you will be able to hold more space than before ... unless you can simply close the door because you have already zero pointed that subject, not bypassing but because you are staying the course and don’t need to veer. Both are so good! I have discovered how to show up and stand in my heart fully, that I hadn’t truly forgiven myself for all lives I killed or hurt someone (and now I have .. wooo), that I was placing my reality into the hands of others, that I still had growth in radical responsibility, and that I still have Father God issues to zero point - all good things to discover about myself amidst the rabbit holes.

After the rain ... there HAS to be sun!

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