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Midnight Dream Share - Time Traveling

Midnight dream share!!!

Side note: Sometimes “narcoleptics” are referred to as reluctant Shamans by doctors … and I couldn’t agree more! Pulling in my power so I can support any Soul and not be reluctant about it in any way! Art is AI art inspired by me

- I realize I am dreaming/traveling as I wake up in a bed in a hotel room in the 20s - I realize I have been time traveling and supporting spirits to release/move on/heal with Aurora - We are in a 19th century city space. There is a lot of movement to different houses to perform clearing and offer integration support. I leave a house and walk toward the wooods when I notice a building known as “the powerhouse” - tall and black and I am startled as I see spirits looking at me out the window. I cover Aurora’s eyes. - Working through my fear of being seen by these Spirits, I notice they feel they are “trapped” so I imagine yellow light rays shining in and out of the building… many notice, realize they are not trapped, discover transformation and release to a new destination. - The elders did not like this - they began looking for me; who has helped them!?

- I wake up inside a warehouse type of room, reading to Aurora as well as on the streets in the 19th century town. Aurora is on my lap and I am reading to her, because I can do my dream work and pretend I am “reading” at the same time - so the leaders looking won’t suspect me and kill me. - All of a sudden I look down and Aurora is not Aurora. A Soul shines through her. My name is Katie, she says. I am here to help you. When I look at my book it flashes to a beautiful rainbow tree - one that has kind of fallen over and the roots are everywhere, shining in the light to make it look like a rainbow. I see flashes of a car accident in a navy blue car. She says she was at a rainbow gathering when she died on the way home in a car accident, and now she lives in this tree/her essence is here. She said sending this love/these rays out is the answer and she will help me. - We create a treatment. We go back to the powerhouse and imagine/create a yellow light shining up from the earth all the way through the building and out the top. We imagine/create pink rays emanating from the inside out in concentric circles. We imagine/co-create a treatment for this space for the next 24-48 hours until everyone is released of perpetual compassion and rose ray, illuminating lights of reiki and remembering, and ask that Quan Yin and Mother Mary help us create this with Spirit. - Aurora is Aurora again. I thank Katie and we wake up back in the 20’s hotel bedroom. A woman has been watching/helping my gifts grow/teaching me. She said to be careful or people could track me down all the way to my Charlotte body and there was a lot of fear here. I wrote the words “integrate and expand” on the sheets - and signed it Natalie Dietz. She was worried about me being able to be traced. She begins telling me about the work I am to do as Charlotte with a friend. I begin to realize why turning my dream abilities completely on as Charlotte has been scary and that it has killed me before. I tell her to stop. I need a minute - to just be in one place in one time and just have a linear moment of rest or my head will explode. I get dressed and ready for the day and the room turns into Aurora’s current room where I am sitting and feeding her.

- My mind slips, wanders, and I can see myself using my dream abilities in many different ways with many different “powers.” I am in a technology room looking at myself within two televisions, basically, one is white and one is black. So over a YouTube channel I hear myself begin channeling to myself in these two roles of the extreme. “You are the same. You are equally important. It only feels you are so different because you are right now holding the extremes. It is important to allow yourself to be … one … and to integrate together all of our Being.” - And at this moment I hear Jake shouting at me from the other room because I am speaking in the physical, through Charlotte’s physical body, and I woke him up!

Wowww …. What a trip!

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