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Inputting Thoughts of Others, Reality of Others

My heart … and my soul … is having a hard time with all the fear and hell creations on this planet right now, and it is difficult for me to reassess how to be in relationship with others in ways that feel joyful and pleasurable for me. And I feel this is a fairly new experience and energy for my Soul … (well I have actually lived on Earth during end game several times but I have usually chosen to exit in the past). This time I am staying and creating new … and it is a strange thing to navigate, because I don’t know how to necessarily listen to the tracks and timelines and creations of others without it effecting me. And I don’t mean in positive upward spiraling heavenly ways. One of my key strengths is input, I can input just about anyone’s anything and view them so neutrally it is beautiful… but my life is literally shifted because of it. Sometimes I don’t think I am real, because it seems I am just a computer for others to input where they are at. Butttttt I am constantly reassessing relationships - how can I say yes to this friend, and this friend, and this human, and this family member, in ways that are reciprocal in joy? In happiness? In play? And if it isnt joy and happiness and play then I have to get creative and find the sneaky ways our souls can see each other through all the Maya and experiences we choose I believe so eventually we can more consciously choose Heaven. And if we haven’t consciously chosen it yet, maybe we stumbled in or maybe (like my Soul memories) we were born into a realm where only the heartspace exists. Eventually I wanted to leave this space to have an experience so I could consciously create and choose for myself. It was lovely all of the collective consciousness was Heaven energy, and it was lovely my subconscious programs were so nice. But eventually ……. I wanted to choose for myself and hold space for more friends. So eons later here I am and I now understand, and I now choose. But here I am witnessing so much propaganda in everyone’s feed about fear and making choices because I am bullying you to, or pulling up your fear, or poking at your shadow, and not because of literally what is best for you to make a decision with your own judgment and research and connection and intuition for your own life. And I don’t know how to respond. I love all humans very much. But I can’t allow myself to be inputted any longer. Discovering … and it is strange …

Some favorites from Mavens' Haven where I began thinking about how I am in relation to others ;)

I do know with most all others … -Playing reiki and energy work and drumming is fun -Cooking dinner and watching a movie is fun -Coffee and Tea dates are fun -Escaping to the Mountains or Ocean is fun -Hiking ((without talking if necessary)) is fun; just being in silence and energy of who we all are take away the experience, take away the choices, there is a big bright Soul in there and I love feeling our Soul frequency. People tell me mine tickles them and is so funny and silly and yellow and magenta!

I also know I can love more, laugh more, hug more, invite strangers to play more … I just read a meme about opening doors for others and smiling in the grocery line and I’m sure there is so much I can grow in … I’m simply in a funky space of newness ...

Thoughts of a Charlotte … please know any judgment in this is for me and my life … I never think of myself as above or knowing more, just navigating what is best for me too, in relation with all others, and the reality I am creating for myself.

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