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Greater Consciousness of Unconditional Love

Photo: I typed in Ultra Cosmic Energywork of Love into the AI and this is what they created for me Happy Love Day every day to YOU! :):):)

And Dream Share! Last night I dreamt that the planet was in a moment of review and transition, and Big giant Beings with a sort of flashlight type of light was shining on us (all humans but in segmented ways - like just me and Aurora in this moment) and asking questions/speaking about a destination we were headed to ... kind of asking permission and co-creating with us. It was a religious "God"-space, which was lovely no-doubt ... but ... I imagined something which to me feels even more lovely - I looked at the Angel helping us transition and said, "That's okay, if that is where Aurora chooses to go, buttttt let's offer her the ability to go even higher in density to the Creators of Unconditional Love." There were a few beings present and I blew the mind of one of them ... you can't offer her that! It doesn't exist; she needs Jesus, they were saying to me telepathically while the Angel smiled and nodded, "Yes ... of course," and their jaw dropped as they didn't even know such an energy could exist. Aurora did. We both slept and smiled and got into a "ship" headed in a lovely direction. A lot more happened ... this is just a tiny fragment of the dream

"Beyond the space you are imagining is actual unconditional love. Love that knows there are multiple ways to find oneness - multiple ways to find union - infinite paths and none any better than the other. We are all Creation" I said back telepathically

((Art: AI art inspired by Charlotte))

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