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Starseed Ego Traps

Updated: Jul 7, 2020

Don’t let your left brain go too crazy when you are blasting yourself open to the infinite knowledge and wisdom of the Multiverse ...

All right Starseeds!

Don’t let your left brain go too crazy when you are blasting yourself open to the infinite knowledge and wisdom of the Multiverse ...

Many rabbit holes come from here and sometimes our ego takes a little inflation if we are not staying the heart center course.

Use your HeartSpace, your JoyBody, and your Passion as a container - if it doesn’t fit in the container .... allow Sandolphin and Friends to help you keep the doors closed .... says Charlotte to herself :):):)

Roses from Mavens' Haven in Lucile, Idaho - feels like the HeartSpace to me!

And honestly ....... if it has to give me a name ....... I think twice about playing. Guides beyond names are who I ask for help - unless the name (like I did just use Sandolphin’s name because I am gray in my thinking like that; just to throw everyone off; my mind isn’t black and white:) supports me in bringing a structure and a frequency to the earth plane or my physical life or my learning - buttttttt it is a slippery slope and I ride the line between ego and ascension as we all do - just noticing some silly things I am reading that are like yes, this is exactly how it is .... andddddd no one knows exactly how it is!

For example, I say I am working with Quan Yin because she looks a certain way to my third eye, sounds and feels a certain way .... but she never says that unless I insist and I ask.

I say I am working with this energy or that because I (as in all humans) have created these structures and this masculine knowing to support our wisdom body in expanding and growing with this knowledge. Buttttttt they (the Beings of the cosmic mother womb space) usually don’t feel a need to give us names and form unless we ask ... if I am truly helping from my heart frequency, why do I need credit? Why do I need people to say Charlotte is so cool? Maybe reciprocity can come in other ways ...

Goddess Statue, also from Mavens' Haven - my favorite place!

Yes; you are cool.

Buttttt we are never cool at the expense of any other Human or Being. We are never cool at the restriction of expansion of others because we have needed to claim rights over something ... or “Knowing” more truth and information that we just have to share with others ...

This is why I enjoy collective terms like elementals, starbeings, universal love ..... to me, the energy of this, of God .... makes all our magic below it null and void and cuts us right through our ego, releasing and rewriting the past.

Thinking about all this today just solely for myself, as only I have to be okay with my choices as I create ... and maybe there are other friends feeling and riding the same lines between polarities.

I love creating my structures to bring light into the realms of thought and creation ..... and I also love allowing it all to ebb and flow and expand and grow beyond names and beyond hierarchy and into the Heavens right here in my myopic finite life on Earth as Charlotte :):):)

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