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Different ways of perceiving the same Pandemic

A collective mind channeling has been making its way through my consciousness and my Gemini desire for communication by means of equanimity and neutrality to share ideas and information of potential new perspectives and ways of thinking.

Photo is from one of my favorite places on Earth, Slate Creek Idaho

A collective mind channeling has been making its way through my consciousness and my Gemini desire for communication by means of equanimity and neutrality to share ideas and information of potential new perspectives and ways of thinking.

To those of you who are in it: in the trenches and in the trickiness of covid and what I call this current apocalypse. Bless you. We love you, we hear you, see and notice you and your experience. Our choice to handle this experience differently is not a rejection or a judgment in any way. And it’s also not that we deny your experience or believe it is not real truly, for we would never tell someone their experience is not real. Any experience we have is real in that we are experiencing it with all sensories, and how we perceive that experience no matter which density is it’s own frequency, it’s own energy, even if held within the mind it is still always “real.” (referring to an experience I had last year where I was in a purgatory type state - although everything wasn’t real as in information was cryptic and not always full of love, the only thing I feel is true, it was a very real experience in that I was experiencing it as reality).

We see that you are within a very real frequency and situation of a physical nature. If you work in a hospital every day we are not denying that you see people who are dying ... and that you see so many in fact that the hospital is full or that people are leaving their bodies every day. If you have friends and family who have died from covid we are not denying these friends and family members have died, be that a few or many. We are not denying these experiences or pretending that they are not happening, we are simply believers in the fact that we are creators and we create our reality.

We believe we are responsible for our reality. We are responsible to notice when we don’t enjoy something or do not prefer an energy or experience any longer so we can change it or sit with it as it flows by. We are responsible for noticing what was unconsciously taking place before, so we can consciously create what we desire now. We are responsible for every part of our existence and we believe we can create life with more pleasurable states.

It’s not that we don’t think science is real, we just believe science is always changing because we create it. We decide the words that are used to explain and categorize all things. We decided someone with a genetic shell which has ovaries would be called female and someone with a genetic shell which has testes would be called male. And we needed to decide words for all things to seek and to communicate and to be curious about understanding. We use science to ask questions and seek answers and pull in masculine energy of logos left brain structure to understand that which we did not before. This is beautiful. We do not think science is evil in anyway, and in fact many of us love science and feel it’s the same/parallel/different lens of the exact same track as how we approach curiosity and listening to spirit for answers. No, we aren’t going to tell anyone their experience is not real ... but we are going to offer that as a creator we are fully capable of creating Heaven.

I think we can all agree covid is not heaven, and people dying and masking and staying home is not heaven enjoyable pleasurable states of energy. This is why we speak of fear and how we choose a different response. Because we believe we can create Heaven right now. Heaven. Yes, Heaven right here on Earth right now, and in order to create Heaven we realize that we have to do it differently ... “it” meaning anything and everything as we are ready.

“It” may mean heading to work today with a new energy you have never used before. “It” may mean responding to an outside or internal experience with new tools and in a new way. “It” may mean questioning authority and the information we are told about all things. “It” may mean seeking holistic health in new ways and questioning or noticing the way we do things and reassessing if we want to continue or try something else.

We believe in our ability as creators to create something more full of joy-pleasure-happiness-play, and we believe in order to create something like this, we have to play the game differently. Differently may mean living our best life: going out into nature and playing in the hot springs while many are inside or feeling afraid (super compassion here, as feeling afraid is not fun). Differently may mean never stepping foot in a hospital again, and learning shamanism instead. Differently may mean not receiving a vaccination. Differently may mean herbalism, yogic science, meditation and mindfulness, holistic health. Differently may mean doing the deep and dirty subconscious work to discover what is happening down there. Differently may mean allowing ourself to learn to let the fear (or any and all emotion) flow through and beyond like a cloud in the sky. Differently may mean taking control of our consciousness one step and one day at a time.

And differently is unique to each individual, why none of us do it the same, why there is no one way, and no one is doing it wrong. It is not a one size fits all and what is appropriate for me may very well not be appropriate for you. This is why there can never be any judgment, other than that which is for ourselves ... to teach us what we do and don’t want for our own reality. No other Creator is doing it wrong. All Creation is equal and neutral and just because I am consciously asking/seeing/learning to create more and more pleasure and joy for myself does not mean I know more or am better in any way. It means my focus is different, which affects my choices and my outcomes. But really, because we can’t do it wrong we will all learn and grow into the cosmic heartspace of Heaven no matter what; we have all already made it simply because We Are. I Am. You Are. We Are.

I just felt that maybe this would make more sense to someone who is wondering why I am living a certain way - why I choose to feel so free - why it may seem I am ignoring or pretending energies or experiences don’t exist. That’s not my intention. I honor and hold in my heart compassion for all of us as we are simply doing our best to learn. And I believe we are all being taught throughout the eons - all lives, densities, experience ... to create Heaven.

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